The global society is built on our ability to control energy. We face the side effects of utilizing fossil energy – climate change and pollution.

The world
a new energy carrier to replace fossils

of global CO2 emissions come from fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes


Non-renewable fossil fuels supply more than 80% of the world’s energy
carbon emissions
For the last century, global carbon emissions have increased by
3.5 BТ*
34.8 BТ*
Source: Global Carbon Project *Billion tons
crude oil price
The price of fossil fuels is highly volatile, and various geopolitical, economic and political factors influence it.

We cannot influence any of the stated. It is also impossible to predict fossil fuels future price, availability, and excise duty.
Source: Yahoo Finance
Average price of the main fuels for the period 2000 - 2030:
Europe needs sustainable energy!
EU adopted measures to rapidly reduce Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels by accelerating the transition to clean energy.

▶ Reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and make climate neutrality by 2050 legally binding.

▶ Double the existing share of renewable energy in the EU.

▶ Implement Emissions Trading Systems for industry, obliging companies to hold a permit for each tone of CO2 they emit.
oil well
fossil fuel
Carbon taxation is a policy tool that helps reduce carbon emissions by putting a price on carbon pollution.

Carbon taxes are levied on fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, which are the primary sources of carbon emissions. Our CO2 Emissions Calculator is here to help you understand the environmental impact of your energy consumption. Input your daily fuel consumption, and the calculator will estimate the CO2 emissions generated, along with the associated costs.

CO2 Emissions Calculator
CO2 Emissions
0 ton
0 €

*Methodology and data source from conversion-guidelines.pdf (
*The calculations are based on the average price per ton of carbon dioxide – 90 euros

Hydrogen can completely replace fossil fuels as a carbon-free source of energy.
Can be produced sustainably by using renewable energy sources

contains two and a half times more energy than natural gas per unit of weight.
Has zero carbon footprint
Versatile – fuel, balancing the energy from RES, production
hydrogen energy
Accounting for more than 90% of all atoms in the universe.
Hydrogen System Mass Calculator

Calculate the hydrogen density and the overall system mass based on the volume, temperature and pressure

H2 Density
0 kg/m3
Overall system mass
0 kg
Hydrogen Mass and Volume Equivalents

Convert between hydrogen mass and volume

Convert kg to m3

Volume of Gas
(at 0 °C and 1 atm)
0 m3

Convert m3 to kg

Mass of Gas

0 kg
Hydrogenera has the technology to complete the entire hydrogen supply chain – production, compression, and storage, feeding into the gas transmission networks or transportation to charging stations

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